At the EFL, we are committed to the continual development and recruitment of umpires at both junior and senior levels.

The EFL has established talent identification programs and new levels of coaching, including development programs run by Sean Clarke, our Junior Coach as well as maintaining summer training squads in the off-season.

The EFL conducts programs that help umpires to not only make the right decisions but to cope with the match day environment. We manage a talent development pathway that can progress umpires from under 8 competitions to introduction to elite squads. A new appointment system now allows umpires to maintain their own roster system, with the benefits clear both for umpires and the League.12027211_1072357749442644_2784756412713710741_o

The EFL makes more than 430 appointments each weekend. We have umpires that range from 14 to 50 plus years of age and what we understand to be the largest group of umpires nationally. Over recent years, the EFL has recruited many retired players to umpiring.


They have found the transition to umpiring both enjoyable and satisfying. Staying involved in the game was their priority and in becoming an umpire they remain involved on field and in the action without the hits and bumps.


Anyone interested in becoming an umpire in 2018 (former players, beginners, athletes) contact EFL Head of Umpiring, Scott Van Noordennen at EFL House on 9762 5766 or email, or register HERE


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