Published on February 14, 2018


The Eastern Football League has re-appointed former Australian Diamond Shelley O’Donnell as its senior interleague netball coach for season 2018. 

O’Donnell coached the EFL senior team in 2017, and will again lead the senior side against the Northern Netball League at Knox Regional Netball Centre on May 18.

The Australian netball hall of famer represented Australia on 84 occasions in her 10-year international career, with the centre playing in three World Cup winning sides in 1991, 1995 and 1999, the latter as vice-captain. She was also the inaugural captain of the Melbourne Kestrels from 1997-2000.


PICTURE: Netball Australia 

O’Donnell is delighted to have the opportunity to coach the EFL’s senior team again.

“I’m looking forward to another opportunity to have another crack at the Northern Netball League on home soil, and I’m excited to win this time,” she said.

“Now that I know what I’m up against, it’ll certainly help with how we’ll work towards getting out there and beating them, and what we’ll do with our training leading up to it, and what sort of plans we’re looking at putting in place.”

O’Donnell hopes last year’s gallant performance at Bundoora’s Parade College will further encourage players to put their hand up for selection.

“We’ve got to have girls that want to put their hand up and commit to it,” she said.

“I think we could field a really strong team if there are a lot of players that put their hand up and make themselves available.

“If we could get the calibre of players that are playing in the top teams in the competition putting their hand up, we could certainly have a great squad.

“Hopefully we can get the best squad of 10 that we can.”




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